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Monday, June 6, 2011

Northern California Circle Crop!!!!!

WOW, what an AWESOME time we all had last Friday @ the circle crop HERE in Rocklin, California!! I was SOOO EXCITED to have something like this near that would actually be driving distance rather than hopping on a plane!! hehehehe!! I roomed w/the talented ladies Miss Katie from Crafting w/Katie & Miss Liz from Liz's Loft!! They were so much fun! I felt bad for Miss Liz because she wasn't feeling well, so we picked her up a "care Package"! (you will see it in the pics below) Embrace yourselves because this is a lengthy post!!;) I feel HORRIBLE because I am SOOO bad w/names, so I decided just to post all the pics & I am POSITIVE you will recognize ALOT of these "Oh So TALENTED" ladies!;)

Okay, FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! We hit this AWESOME scrapbooking store out there! HOLY MOLY, it was like "heaven" in this AMAZING store! We went here before Chevys!;)

Okay, after our shopping spree, we finally made it here to Chevy's! This is the night before the crop!

This was after Chevy's, poor Liz was in bed sick, so Katie, Diane & Myself picked her up a "care package"! I saw that CUTE doctor bag & just HAD to get it!!;) We wanted to make her feel extra special since she had to leave the dinner early:(

This was at breakfast before the crop! As you can see, Miss Liz was feeling a little better!! I guess her "care package" worked!!;)

Finally at the crop!! Liz & I carpooled together & Diane & Katie carpooled up together!

Here is VP Micheal from Provocraft Demonstrating the Yudu! Can I just say that I "THOUGHT" I didn't need this machine, but after seeing it in action I think I NEEEEED it!;)

isn't this EXCITING!!!!!;) Miss Angie now has a CUTE Circle tote!!!

Here is my shirt! I had him do it because I didn't want to ruin it!!;)

Here is the finished t-shirt of mine!!! I just LOVE how it came out!;) Katie & I did ours the same way! The little antenna on the left is toward the back of the t-shirt!!! It looks way cuter in person!;)

Here is everyone posing w/our handmade glasses for the contest to win the "Mini Cake" machine!
Look at all of these FUN glasses!
LOTS of Creative CUTE glasses were shown & congrats to the winner!;)

Here are my glasses I made for contest, according to my boys, my glasses were a winner in their book!!;)

Okay, this was definitely one of the highlights for me!! I got these SUPER ADORABLE calling cards from everyone! I have more, but my camera battery died:( These are the ones I was able to take pics of!
Here is mine! I cheated:( There was NO WAY I was able to make 55 cards w/my injured back:( So I had to call in reinforcements!!!;) Even though they weren't "Handmade", I just LOVE how they came out!

Here is the ONE card I made at the crop using the NEW set from Peachy Keen called "Mitsy Sue & Colby Cheer Up Set" This set is SOOO ADORABLE!!!;) The sentiment is from my stamp set called "Pain Pain Go Away"!

Okay, this sums up our 2 day trip!;) I had a blast & it was certainly my pleasure to have been surrounded by SOOO MANY SWEET & TALENTED ladies!;) Thanks for stopping by & I will see you all back here tomorrow!!;) xoxoxo's


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! I wished i could be at something like this one of these days!
    I really love the shirt and the glasses!! cute!!
    Glad you had a great time!! :)

  2. Looks like a blast! I really wanted to go, I was sooo excited when I heard a meet up was coming to Northern Cal, but it ended up being on the same day my DD's class was going to the zoo and I was a chaperone. Hopefully there will be another one in the near future. Thanks for the great pics!

  3. Hi Emma,I am sooo happy that you had a great time!I LOVE all these Beautiful card,Hope you have a wonderful day my friend! :)

  4. WOW, looks like you had a blast. Love the glasses. All the cards are awesome. Monique's hair is jazzy, she looks FANTASTIC ;)

  5. Love the pics, Emma! We sure had a great time, didn't we? By the way, I saw that the Yudu is on sale now at Joann's!!!

  6. I love Green Tangerines! I don't get there often enough! And, naturally a nice Chevy's meal is always in order when I am in that area. Glad you had a great time and here's to your back feeling better soon!

  7. I'm glad you had a great time!!! You made some fabulous projects Emma! Love the boa glasses, you should have won!!! Thanks for the pics. Have a great day! Love, CAthryn :)

  8. Sweet! How fun does this all look. The fact that you, Liz and Katie were there would have bought me on going. I also recognized Miss Courtney I believe and another sweet girl that was at a Circle meet up in SLC last fall. How fun. And your glasses were seriously too fabulous - definitely a winner and your calling card is beyond cute. I LOVE how it turned out! Hugs- Glora

  9. Glad to meet you and hang out with you!

  10. Looks like you all had a fab time!!! The shirt and the glasses are super cute!!! How great to have this get together with such talented ladies!

  11. Hi Emma,
    Nice to meet you . I love your card it turned out great. I'm going to post some pics later today on my blog come check them out. I will definitely be getting some of your stamps. I had so much fun--
    Can't wait for another one.

  12. Well Miss Emma, your glasses were definitely a winner in my book too... I really thought you would be the winner.. they were so adorable.. AND I had so much fun hanging out with you and Miss Katie, Miss Liz and Miss Diane.. AND of course I love that card, I sooooo want that paper... hugs from Ukiah

  13. looks like you had tons of fun!! will you be making t-shirt to sell??;) yr calling card came out super cute!


  14. Looks like so much fun! It's so cool to get together with other crafty friends. Hoping we will meet one day :)

  15. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! Love all the projects you made especially the glasses and shirt. I thought your calling card was perfect.

    Hugs my friend

  16. Looks like you had lots of fun! :)

    Ruthie :)

  17. It's obvious you girls had a good time. I love when I can get away for a scrap weekend and find new scrapbooking stores to explore.

  18. It was a great time! :) Thanks for sharing the link to this pic! :) I appreciate it! Provo Craft puts on a fun event, don't they!?! And you're right - you definitely NEED a Yudu. I have one and LOVE it! (I actually bought Wendy's! haha)

  19. Great Pictures Emma.. I should have taken more...Your glasses were adorable.. I was so busy snapping pictures to look at them all.I am thinking about the Yudo too, better run to see what JoAnn's prices are!

  20. Looks like a fun time was had by all (including Liz). Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  21. Oh man!! You guys were so close!!! You should have called!! lol I shop at Green Tangerines every time I go down to Sac!! Isn't it the best?!? Looks like you all had fun, thank you for sharing the pics!!

  22. Thanks for sharing your fun! I wish we had something like that here in Tennessee. I hope your back is better.....I know how u feel,my back went out last week and my chiropractor is on vacation unit the 13th.....I thought your card was great and loved your glasses.

  23. Your cricut glasses are adorable. You look like you had lots of fun.

  24. Hi Emma,

    It was so nice to see you again. Thanks for sharing the pics. We did have a great time huh!
    That scrapbook store was the bomb! It was nice to hear your hubby is doing fine. I loved your glasses. I was so happy with my tote bag too!
    Hope to see you again real soon. Love Angie!

  25. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! TFS the pictures-Sam :-)

  26. Emma, oh how I have missed your blog. I have been so bad at stalking blogs lately, life is to crazy! But it is 3:30 am and is can't sleep so what better time then to stalk. :) oh I so wish I could have gotten away and went to this event with you fab ladys. It looks like you had a blast and your calling cards are adorable even if they are not handmade! Love your card with the new peachy set. Oh thank you again for the tip so I can comment again :)
    Big hugs,

  27. Wow what a super fun event!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us, Emma. Wonderful projects and really great group!!


  28. Sounds like such a terrific weekend! I live in the area and glad you were all able to visit our local scrapbooking store.


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