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Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Scrapping the Little Things"

GOOD MORNING my creative friends! Well, I hope you all had a GREAT weekend! I feel like I need just ONE more day to regroup from my busy one! lol.... I had the BEST weekend watching my little Anthony at his baseball tournament! YEP, we spent Sat & Sun at the baseball fields & it was so much fun!  Let's just say that I felt like "I" played. I'm not sure about all of you "Moms", but don't you get nervous when the ball is hit to "YOUR" kid & you are just thinking in your mind "catch it...catch it....catch it please" lol......  OR, when he is at bat, is when I REALLY get butterflies in my tummy! My Anthony is SOO hard on himself if he strikes out OR if he hits the ball & someone catches it! hahahah! I know that's what's "supposed" to be done in baseball, but he is so used to getting either doubles OR triples, that if it goes any other way, he gets upset! 
He is just a perfectionist just like his Mommy I guess... hehehehe!  Other than that, he is the BEST little 2nd base guy out there! He is NEVER picky about where the coach puts him, my little guy is just SO EXCITED just to be playing! 
I just HAD to share this pic w/all of you! This is what Anthony does 24/7! If he isn't playing baseball or watching MLB network, this is what he LOVES to do WHERE EVER he may be!! lol.... Isn't he the CUTEST EVER??;)  Well, I know this isn't really a "Project", but I was too exhausted to make ANYTHING this weekend! ;)

NOT only did we have a baseball filled weekend, I also helped....well, the "better" word for it would be "Supervised" my Baby Aaron work on a big project for school! He was SO EXCITED to use my Gypsy Girl & my E2 again! I think the cricut is the BEST for ALL students to use especially when they are working on a report/presentation like my son was doing! Here he is working at my (messy) craft table....hehehe!  I was SO PROUD of him that he knew EXACTLY what he was He did all the welding and everything by himself in the Gypsy! 

Here he is w/the FINISH project! I was SO VERY PROUD of him & I can't believe the creative minds that BOTH of my boys have! He was SO VERY HAPPY when he finally finished & he even pretended that I was his teacher & he presented it to me! This was the part he was nervous about.... because his project was going to be 50% of his grade & presenting it was the other 50%! So, let's just say that I was totally holding back my tears because he did an AMAZING job & he did exactly what I said to do... "Relax, smile, speak loud & clear and have eye contact w/everyone"! So we pretended I was his teacher & that Scrappy, Angel & Princess (furbabies) were his classmates! hehehe! Didn't he do a GREAT job? As you can see, I let him loose in my craftroom & he had access to ALL of my cardstock! God knows I have ENOUGH of it to spare! hahahaha! You know I WILL be scrapping this!;)

Luckily, my design team did some AMAZING stuff for ALL of you today! We have FUN smashbooking & a SUPER FUN layout! Click on each of my designer's names which will take you directly to their blogs for more pics & details on what they made!

THank you SOOO MUCH for visiting my blog today! I will see you back here again tomorrow for another FABULOUS "Show me your Technique"! Have a GREAT day my sweet friends! xoxo


  1. Oh Emma what great boys you have and they have an awesome mom! I do relate re. your comments watching the sports. You baby Aaron did an amazing job on his project he's extremely talented. Thanks sooooo
    much for sharing your amazing family story.

  2. Great projects everyone!!! I LOVE your son's poster! You can tell he spent alot of time working on it and looks sooo proud holding it up!!
    Awesome job to him!!
    TFS and Happy Monday Emma!!

  3. Oh yes...I remember baseball season well. I had similar feelings when my son played. Aaron's project is a show stopper! Congrats to Aaron on a job well done. The inspiration from the dt is pretty amazing. It looks like everyone had a blast creating these incredible projects.

  4. Your boys are so precious Emma! And of course they are creative, they take after their mommy!!


  5. Aaron certainly has your flair for design. Great project. He has that 50% nailed down!!

  6. Such Wonderful Projects!!LJust lovely!Awesome DT!!!
    Enjoy your day,

  7. What a nice weekend you had indeed. Your son did a Great job on his project and with using your Gypsy. My 3yr old thinks she's ready to use, but Mommy's not taking that TFS, Smooches...

  8. Growing up always having played softball, I know how fun it is to spend the weekend at the ballpark. :) So glad you ahd a great weekend. And your boys are looking so grown up! I showed my husband Aaron's school project...HE LOVED IT! And said what an AWESOME job he did! :)

  9. Emma, your boys are so sweet. I remember playing baseball with friends in the neighborhood, yes, I was a bit of a tomboy :) Loved it. Both my brothers played on teams and it was so exciting routing for them.
    Aaron should be VERY PROUD of his project. He did an amazing job. He gets an A+ from me :)

  10. Your boys are so sweet and creative. Thanks for sharing about what they have been up too. I love all the layouts too! Hugs- Glora

  11. I remember as a kid my dad would take the four of us kids down to the park to play baseball. It was a real special time with him. Congrats on a job will done to Aaron. He looks so proud of his project and should be, it looks awesome. I'm definitely loving what I see from the rest of your design team and can't wait to visit each of them.


  12. AWESOME job Aaron with your school project!Looks FANTASTIC,All the DT projects are AMAZING too!Have a SUPER day my friend!!!:)

  13. Emma ~ well I am so HAPPY for Anthony!!! What a GREAT attitude he has! He could care less where he plays as long as he gets too! That is FANTASTIC!! Well Baby Aaron ~ holy smokes ~ he should TOTALLY get 100%!!! What an AWESOME job he did! Well you should feel so proud of your boys because they seem like AMAZING young men!! Okay off to see the DT's blogs! I am just in AWE!! Way to go ladies!!!!

  14. You boys are so cute!!! They are as crafty as their mommy!!! You are a great mom and it shows though your family! big hugs to you all!

  15. enjoyed your pictures of ur sons today an how nice it is doing school projects with them an ur machine!!!

  16. Anthony...what a character...loves his ball. Wow! Aaron did an awesome job on his presentation! Along with baseball he is a good crafter also. Your Design Team did such a wonderful job on their layouts to read their stories and see what they did with the pictures.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com


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