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Thursday, November 18, 2021

MCT "Update"

HELLO MY SWEET FRIENDS! I just wanted to pop on here to give you a little update. 

I know I posted this card already, I wanted to re-post it to let you know that I am "Thankful For ALL of You". :)

My team has this week off! I had 3 days worth of SUPER CUTE projects & videos lined up for you, but unfortunately I got sick. My son got bronchitis last week & I tried EVERYTHING in my power NOT to get sick BUT I did anyway. :(  I ended up getting a virus that made me lose my voice. :(  I've had NO voice since last Saturday night. 
On Monday of this week I "texted" my son for the heck of it, to google how long does it takes to get your voice back. Well, when he told me 1-2 weeks, I immediately started to cry because I NEED my voice. :( Besides not having a voice, I feel terrible with a really bad cough on top of that. I know it's not covid because both my son & myself took 3 covid tests just to MAKE SURE! 
My body is NOT letting me do ANYTHING this week so I am just listening to it! Because even though I didn't have a voice, I was still going to try to make my projects, but I couldn't even do that because I have ZERO energy. :( 

Here are a couple of fun facts that I learned! I never lost my voice completely before & I was whispering. Apparently "whispering"  can damage the larynx more than normal speech.  
AND....If you try to clear your throat, it is extremely traumatic to your vocal chords!! WHAT THE HECK! I had NO IDEA & I was doing BOTH of these. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So instead of trying to clear my throat, I have to inhale steam & use my humidifier 24/7.  This is CRAZY....I still can't believe this happened. It's just so weird that I HAVE TO text everyone right now, especially my Mom because I can't just call her up for something like I always do! I have my husband & my boys in a group chat so I can just text ALL of them at once instead of telling them something individually! lol....

I am SOOO BUMMED because our release along with our EARLY Black Friday sale is next week & I have 3 videos to do. I'm going to CONTINUE to do EVERY HOME REMEDY that I've been doing & what my doctor suggested so I can get though it! IF, for some reason my voice wants to stay on "vacation" 😂 then unfortunately I will be forced to do my videos with subtitles & music. So PLEASE think positive my friends because  I REALLY need to express myself VOCALLY sharing our new products with you all. 

So, this is what's been going on this week in my neck of the woods. I hope you ALL are staying healthy & safe out there. 

Tomorrow I will be sharing on here a cute Fall card my Mom made! So don't forget to stop by & check it out!

Thanks so very much my friends for stopping by, have a FABULOUS day & I will see you all back here soon!  xoxo


  1. Rest and take care of yourself, Ms. Emma, and continue listening to your body. At the end of the day, your health takes priority over videos and cards.

  2. Miss Emma, Prayers for you to get better sooner than later. You do what is best for you, I am sure everyone will be here waiting for you and grateful you're ok. My husband and I both have covid and are almost off quarantine. Thank God we got it lightly. Hugs and lots of love, your friend Linda Hott

  3. I knew that we shouldn't whisper. Throat clearing, now that you mention it, makes sense, too. I'm glad to know this. Get better quickly, and don't worry about subtitles. We all know how to read :)

  4. Get well! I hope you'll be doing much better after getting some rest!

  5. Feel better Emma ! Praying for you

  6. Sending positive energy and healing prayers to you, Emma, that you'll be feeling 110% recuperated soon. Please take care of that lovely voice of yours! As much as we LOVE hearing you on your videos, you need to ensure that you're not pushing yourself too hard. We're here for you always!! Looking forward to what you'll be dazzling and delighting us with next week!

  7. Aww Emma! I am so sorry you and your boys are sick. I'm keeping you all in my prayers that you all get better soon. Your doing the right things, listen to your body and rest and do what the doctor says. And the videos with subtitles or whatever, will be fine or just post? It will all be okay. Feel better sweet friend! sending big hugs!

  8. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through, Emma! Take care of yourself…and take the time you need to get well. ;) I’m hoping for a quick recovery!

    Crafty hugs,


  9. Sorry to hear your under the weather. Get better soon.

  10. Take care of yourself. We are all wishing you the best. We are fine waiting to hear your voice. The most important thing is for you to get well. Can't wait to see your mom's card. Positive thoughts coming your way!

  11. What a bummer! I hope you heal quickly. Don’t worry if you have to do subtitles; we can handle it. Take care of yourself—that’s the important thing.


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