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Friday, July 30, 2010

1st Day @ CHA! - Episode~68

It is after midnight here & I CANNOT sleep because I miss my men! One more day then I will get to see them again AND my furry babies!! I decided to upload this EXTRA SHORT video onto my blog from today!! I know it's ONLY 3 minutes, but it was SOOOO SUPER BUSY that I didn't have alot of recording time! Sorry about the beginning of my video:( I had FORGOT to zoom out!!!  So I apologize that you had to see my big head in the camera! lol......Well, here it is "Short & Sweet"!  I will be back again tomorrow w/pictures I had taken with a few of my BEAUTIFUL & THE MOST NICEST LADIES YOU COULD EVER MEET!!

Thank you sooo much for visiting! I will try to have more "Footage" tomorrow! Good night & SWEET DREAMS my Creative Friends!


  1. Emma, total eye candy! I am trying to convince my husband to take me to Winter CHA in Los Angeles! Thank you for sharing this, hope you're having a blast!

  2. Emma, that looks great, would love to go to one of those BIG shows, btw, your t-shirt is soooo cool, love it :)
    Jeanette x

  3. ok enough i am so JEALOUS. why cant they have a CHA here in OZ?
    Have fun

  4. *SOB* I want to be with you girls SO much!!!! Emma, I ADORE your T shirt to bits!! Give Kathy and and Lisa a big fat hug from me won't you. HAVE THE BEST OF TIMES!
    Lots of love Me xxxx

  5. OH Emma thank you so much for sharing! I so wish I could have gone but at least I can feel like I am there, a little ;)I SO LOVED your shirt!!!
    Have a blast and enjoy the rest of your time!!

  6. Emma,

    Your shirt is sooo cute.The earring was a super touch. Looks like you are all having a great time at CHA. Thanks for putting me in your video.

    Terri aka Veronica's Mom

  7. I'm jealous of you Emma. I was in Green Bay last weekend and couldn't find Peachy Keen anywhere. I tried Craft Ecorner in Oshkosh but the address that I had from a previous order wasn't at the address on the packaging label. So, I guess this Canadian will have to order online.
    Enjoy CHA my gypsy sister.

  8. Emma thanks for sharing. I am so glad. I love peechy keen stamps and Paper tray ink. Have fun.

  9. My sweet Emma - thank you so much for showing us all of this awesome stuff.....I hope to get to CHA in the future and hang out with you girls.....what a treat. Thanks sweet lady. hugs! :)

  10. I love your shirt Emma. Thanks for for sharing with us.

  11. Thanks for sharing!! Gald you're having such an awesome time!!

  12. Thanks for making your short and sweet video! I really wish I could be there but I hope to go someday! I am trying not to be jealous. it sure looks like fun. at least I can see a little of what it's like and now I know that I really want to gooooo!!!!!!

  13. I am so jealous! I am going to the winter one for sure!

  14. OMG!! PTI HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!! LOL hahahahahahahaah this made my hubby laugh!!!!!

    ♥ Nikki

  15. Oh Emma, I love your shirt! It is adorable! Thank you for the video, I wish I could be there too! Maybe someday. Have a great time and cannot wait for you to share everything when you get back. Have a safe trip home! Linda in FL

  16. Your shirt is waaaaaay the bling your sister added!!!

    I'm hoping to make it to the next CHA!! TFS


  17. I just love your shirt!! The earring is an awesome touch!! I sooo wish I could of been there. I wanted to reach and touch those papertrey ink buttons, ribbons and papers. Oh, I am soooo green with envy!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! :)

  18. Nice shirt Emma ! Thanks for your video. I'm totally jealous Is there
    CHA in Atlanta nearly ??? LOL

    Maria Elena.-

  19. Hi Emma. It was SO awesome to meet you at CHA! You're such sweet person. =) Thanks for your video - those booths were my two favorites, in addition to the Cricut booth. We had a blast! xox

  20. Oh Emma you are so mean teasing us all like that lol. It all looks so good and I am glad you are having a wonderful time but can understand you missing your men.
    Kim xXx

  21. OMG Emma,
    CHA is awesome...Thanks for sharing some vids with us...I only wonder now if there is one near California? LOL...I will Definetely keep a look out for the next one....


    a.k.a. HONEY LOL

  22. OMG Emma I can't believe I got to me you are truly the sweetes little thing. I could have stayed with you all day. Our Daughter and mother trip was so much I so happy it all turned out so i could go. and everyone Emma is a tiny little thing so so so sweet careing, loving, very creative person. Thanks For everything Emma. can't wait until next year.

    Hugs Debbie

  23. I am Sooooo jealous! I wish I was at CHA!!! TFS and have a great day!

    p.s. Your shirt is way super cute, I love it!!!

  24. Emma, CHA was a bomb! We had an amazing time, I sure hope they bring it back to Rosemont next year. Hey are you going to sell your t-shirts????? It was great to meet you, you are so sweet!!! Thank you for all your gypsy hugs...

  25. :( Missing everyone.. CHA was so fun! Great to get away .. even if we had to work. I loved getting to meet you, Veronica, Samantha, Lorie and Allen. That was the best working vacation ever. Love ya! Thanks so much for everything!! Hugs, Kathy


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