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Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Tip of the Day ~ Episode 378

Good afternoon my creative friends! I am running a wee bit behind today! I actually had my video & everything ready yesterday, but it was to late to take pictures. I didn't want to wake my boys up!;) For today's tip, it is "non-craft/paper" related, as you can see:)  I picked this up at my FAVORITE store in the WHOLE world "Target" & it is a sweater organizer!!! I thought it would be just PERFECT for me to put the boys school clothes in so they can know what they will be wearing the entire week!:) YES, they still let me get their clothes for them! hehehehe!

This is suppose to go into a closet, but it wouldn't work in their closet because of the way it's set up! So I thought it would be perfect just on the wall! It was a little tricky getting it up, but you can see in the video how I put on my tool belt & made it happen!:) I've seen some super cute ones that actually have the days of the week on it, but, come on, I don't need to pay TONS more just for that "fancy" feature! lol.....
This was $7.99 & I got it on sale for $ can't beat that for a little organization that will make your mornings go much smoother!

Also, you will see in the video WHY I have that cute orange "Giants" hand up on top! It WAS on the floor, but I found a perfect use for it~! lol...... Pretend you don't see some parts chewed off of it, but my "Princess" couldn't help herself!:)

Speaking of Princess, here are a few pics of her! I've had questions on how big she is now! Everybody saw her when she was teeny tiny, but today she is all grown up but still is very spoiled just like a little CUTE kid!
Here she is w/her FAVORITE blanket (well, a part of it) lol....  This DID start off as a bigger blanket, but she made a big hole in the center & I just landed up cut it in 3 pieces!;) One piece stays in her bed, one is in my craftroom in her bed in here & the 3rd pc she just runs around w/it. The CUTEST is when she folds it (not "literally") but she rolls it all perfectly, holds it in her mouth & cries! That is her way of telling me that she is ready for night night! Isn't that SOOOO CUTE!! hehehehe!!! In this first picture, you can see how it's folded in her mouth!

"Princess" LOVES doing photoshoots!;)

I have the BEST furbabies EVER!!  Isn't she soo stinkin cute???;)

Here is my video!

I am SO LOOKING forward to next week! We are going to have the BEST Sneak peeks EVER for all of you! I am also having a little game on my blog Monday thru Thursday during sneak! Whatever stamp sets we are showcasing each day, you will have the opportunity to see them in their entiretly that SAME DAY! 
This is the tricky part, each stamp set we are using that day, will be hidden someone on my blog! Just use your mouse to hover over everything until you find it! I know........ I could've just showed you, but that wouldn't be fun!!! hehehehe! I wanted to make this release extra special for all of you AND to celebrate my return! I am SOOO HAPPY & I hope to see ALL of you there!!!  Thank you all for visiting me & I will see you all on Monday @ 12:01am!!:)  Have a FABULOUS weekend! xoxo


  1. Hi Emma!Thanks for the invite on FB!!!!I grabbed your button aand Cannot wait for the new realese and the FUN that we will have..Its great to have you back and It Great to know that Aaron is doing well.
    Migdalia Rodriguez

  2. Emma, I love your puppy!! I have an 9 yr old rottie and he is so precious!! A great tip for all the moms who have little ones at home! I just have my rottie now, the kids are grown!! Looking forward to Monday!!

  3. How fun! I put your new button on my blog. Really good to have you back , I cant wait for release:)

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  4. Emma ~ What a FABULOUS, CHEAP and WONDERFUL idea! There is nothing to dispute in the morning ~ send them in there and put their clothes on! I LOVE it! Oh so NOT ghetto on the hanging thing! OMG ~ Princess got so BIG! Holy cow! I can't believe she is that big and long! WOW! I am so excited for Monday ~ I can't tell you!!!

  5. Great shots of the FurBaby and I am surely passing on your tip of the day to our daughter.

  6. What a great idea, that saves alot of time in the morning and you did a good job hanging it. I'm sure it wasn't easy being made for a closet. I remember those. Love the blinky. Princess is gorgeous, she is so big. I have a boy boxer named Tyson and he is a Sweetheart, a very good dog, he'll be 2 in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see the new release, looks like it's going to be another great one.

  7. Great idea and time saver you are ever so clever!!!
    It's great that Aaron is doing so well...prayers upon prayer are always there!
    your Princess is so cute.....I'm sure she's not spoiled at all.

    Looking forward to your hide and seek game and what you'll be sharing.

    You are just so much fun!!

  8. Great tip this week!!
    So looking forward to the new release next week!!! I can not wait to see what you have in store for us!!!
    I am all ready..with your badge up on my blog....bring on the crafty inspiration!!!
    Have a GREAT weekend Emma!!!

  9. I added your new blinkie to my blog - love that it gives all the info to spread the word about your great stamps and dies! :)

  10. She is adorable, is she a miniature pincher? We have 3 and we could not crop their ears because they were so cute. Any time I am missing a sock I go to Sweets room (kennel) and there it is she also like to pick pieces of scrap paper of the floor and take that to her room also. They all have such different personalities and we love them all so much.

  11. Great idea with the sweater hanger. Looks great! Princess is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing all the sneaks for the new release.

  12. Thanks for sharing your tip of the day and photo shoot :D Looking forward to Next week.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  13. Love your tips! Thanks for sharing. Those organizers definately do make for easier living! Very excited about tomorrow! Blinkie on my blog, FB updated... count down!
    babi96 at aol dot com


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