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Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Creative Time's Updated 2014 Craftroom!

GOOD MORNING my sweet friends & welcome to My Creative Time! 
Well, like I promised, here is an updated & FINAL craft room video for you! I do NOT plan on doing ANYTHING ELSE with it!!! lol…..

First of all, I want to FULL WARN YOU that this video is 30 minutes long! So, if you do NOT wish to watch where & how I store everything, you only need to watch the first 7 minutes of it! ;) 

Since I spend SO MUCH time in this room & this is where I work everyday, I wanted it to be EXTRA SPECIAL & make it a place that I actually WANT to be everyday! Another one of my hobby's is that I LOVE is to decorate! I LOVE to take a room & make it "PRETTY!" I am VERY FORTUNATE to be able to have a room of my own to actually do this! My room is not GINORMOUS, it is a 10x14 room & its PERFECT for me! 
I hope you enjoy my video below & I hope I gave you ideas for your craft room!

When I was filming this video of my room, I realized after I was editing it, I did not show a shot of my light fixtures OR how I set up my video camera on my desk while I am filming my videos! Those are the 2 things I always have questions about so that's why I just took pics of those below since I failed to video it!

Okay, this is the MOST questions I get is on HOW I set up my camera for my videos.  My Dad built me that wooden stand & I raised it up w/the plastic box so it can be even w/my tripod! My tripod fits perfectly on my craft table!

This is the 2nd question I get ALOT on what kind of light fixtures do I have! Well, since I do videos, I have the 2 fluorescent light fixtures that my hubby picked up for me at Home Depot! I had always had a fan & light fixture in here since it gets HOT in the summer, so I just switched out the existing one w/my "Dream" Chandelier fixture w/a fan!!! I found this at Lamps Plus a couple of years ago & waited FOREVER for it to go on sale! ;) FINALLY it did, so I was able to get it & it is PERFECT for my room! :)  

Okay, FINALLY….here is the video of my FAVORITE room in my house! Again, like I mentioned above, it is 30 minutes long! Don't say I didn't warn ya! ;)

I apologize for the LOOONG video! But I hope it helped some of you out there w/different ideas on how to store "YOUR" crafty goodies!

Thank you ALL for tuning in, I will see you all back here on Monday w/a FUN crafty project! xoxo


  1. Good Morning Miss Emma!! WOW girl what an awesome craftroom and I love it too how you gave the size of your room and talked about how important it is to make the most of the space one has and utilize it in the most creative way you can!! You sure have done one fantastic job of creating your fabulous craft room it may have taken 4 years *and I love that you said this too* but in the end it was so worth it. You now have a fab room and I love the cabinets you had designed for your special needs and all of the cute containers you have and also the colorful storage ideas you have. I so am in love too with the idea that I now can picture where you are at when you make your videos just is so special. I noticed too that you have an Explore which I didn't know so how do you like it??? I have one too and love it I still use my Expression and use my Explore for everything my Expression can't do just the way I choose to do it. Well the tour was so fun and very inspirational.

  2. Thank you for sharing your craft room ideas it turned out fabulous you have some gray ideas love the bench you added. You have some great parents your dad does fabulous woodwork, your mom sewing the cushion for you how sweet. You did utilize every inch in your craft room. I love hobby lobby and you found some great stuff there I really live the 3 clocks. How did you manage to hang your scissors you found at hobby lobby I have those same scissor rose there was no hook for them on the back. You commented about having your boys young again I remember when I first started following you they were little now you have one in high school. Our daughter just graduated high school and will be off to collage in August. I too wish my kids were little again to have them all at home again. Love the video was great TFS

  3. Yes, I enjoyed your 30 min video of your craft room. I love the cabinets they made for you for storage. I was thinking of purchasing the We R Memory Crafters Craft Table and thanks to you showing us I think I will as I live in a small NYC apartment. I have many of your stamps and love watching your videos. It is because of the videos you provide on how to use your dies and stamps that making purchasing your products so much fun, Again Emma thank you for sharing. Love your products.

  4. LOVE your room...I need you to come and doll mine up :)

  5. LOVE your craft space. It is fun to see how you have all your crafting goodies organized. It is functional but still allows your personality to shine. Thanks for taking us on the tour. It's fun to see where you create.
    Crafty hugs,

  6. Thanks for sharing your ideas for storage and organization. Wish my room was as organized I'm always searching for items for projects. Love your craft room.

  7. Fabulous room--thanks for all the great storage ideas.

  8. First of all what a beautiful room to create in, second im interested in the brand name of your locking storage boxes and bowls. Ive had that issue just recently as everything crashed to the floor in the storage closet. I have a huge mess that im trying to sort through.

  9. Emma,
    I am in the very beginning stages of designing my craft room. Thank you, think you for your video! You have given me so much inspiration! I'm even more excited now!

  10. FABULOUS craft room! It is absolutely amazing! I love how you have found so many ways to use up all the space. I especially loved the clock idea!

  11. Emma ~ Well sweet boss lady ~ MOVE OVER ~ I am moving in!!!! You know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and did I say LOVE your room! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL but so organized!!! WOW!!! I am still plugging away with mine but nothing like yours!!! Thank You for sharing this video ~ it was so helpful and informative!!!

  12. Your room is awesome. I love that you have a space for your boys to do their homework. My son is going to be a junior and I still quiz him on vocabulary and spanish. Your finds at Hobby Lobby are so cute. Boy am I glad they opened one in Dublin.

  13. What a great room to create in. Everything is very organized and with such pretty colors. Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. Awesome craft room Emma! Wow, and even space for the boys-what a cool Mom! I love all the fun organizing tips you shared. Thanks for the video and tour of your space! Looks amazing!
    Sherrie K

  15. Loved your video...your room is bright and beautiful. Great use of space and storage. Super job!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  16. Wow, Emma!

    Your room looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You can come to my house to decorate anytime! You did an AMAZING job! t's funny how much your room has changed and I think I have the same fan! ;) Your organizing tops were very helpful, too! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us such a wonderful tour!!!

    Crafty hugs,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  17. I just LOVE your room Emma!!! The colors and lay out are awesome BUT all your storage ideas are AMAZING!!! Have to say I am so jealous of your space :) it is awesome!!!!!
    Creativity just flowing there!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your video and all your amazing ideas!! Have a GREAT Sunday my friend!

  18. Fantastic room Emma! I watched your entire video and enjoyed how you utilized every inch of space in your room. I too just completed my craft room earlier this year. My hubby and I painted the walls a lime green (one of my fav colors) and put shelving all the way to the top of the walls as well. It really works well when you can use all the space you have! Also, love my table and drawers from Ikea.

    Enjoy your space and I can't wait to see what you create!

  19. Emma, your room is gorgeous my friend!!! I love the colors and you know I love that clock!! Super pretty and very nicely organized!! Hugs!!

  20. enjoyed the tour of your awesome space, really nice Emma.

  21. LOVE your creative space!!! thanks for sharing it my friend!!!


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