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Sunday, January 5, 2020

MCT "Made in Minutes"

GOOD MORNING my sweet friends & welcome back to another "Made in Minutes".  
Today is the day that we create projects that are made in 20 minutes or under! 

BEFORE I get to my team's AMAZING projects, I just wanted to tell you what I have been up to! 

These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY busy!  As you all know, in the fall last year was my youngest son's first year of college & I was LUCKY enough to have him attend a Jr College that was only 10 minutes away!  Unfortunately he did not make the baseball team so he was CRUSHED :(
THANKFULLY another opportunity presented itself & I am happy to say that he transferred to a different college that he will be playing baseball for!  The ONLY thing is that this new college is not 10 minutes away :( is 2 hours away.  I know, some of you are saying..."that is nothing", but to me, it's HUGE.  I am very close to BOTH of my boys & to have any of them leave is truly heartbreaking for me. :'(  I am both happy & sad but I am MOSTLY VERY PROUD of Anthony for NOT giving up on his dreams.  Last week my husband & I moved him into his new apartment and we were able to stay with him to help clean the apartment & get him settled before his roommates came back yesterday!  LUCKILY, these 3 boys he will be living with, he has played baseball with all 3 since T-Ball!  I was very happy about that! :)  All I have to say is that "THANK GOD" BOTH OF MY BOYS know how to clean AND cook!!!  To all you Mom's out there, teach your kids when they are YOUNG because it will help them out TREMENDOUSLY especially when they are off on their own!  I know I will see him occasionally on the weekends, but I just will have to get used to not seeing him everyday. :(
 That is why you have not seen anything from me!  I had filmed my FLASH sale video before I left!  Since we just got back yesterday, I am EXHAUSTED!  So I am taking it easy today because I am just emotionally drained as well.  I will be back to my regular projects this week for sure! :) 

Here is a picture of my husband & I with Anthony at his new place. This was taken our last day with him.  It was a sad good bye. :'(

Okay, not onto the BEST design team EVER! :)  Don't forget to click on each name to visit each blog to see what they used to create their projects & leave them some LOVE! :) 

I hope you all were inspired here today! Thanks so much for stopping by, have a FABULOUS day & I will see you back here soon! ;) xoxo


  1. GOOD MORNING amiss EMMA...OMG & WOW. First off What a Precious Pic of you, Anthony and your be honest ypu all look like a Collge pic of friends You and your hubby are doing things right to look like college kids!! Oh it’s going to be tough with him not home but love your share about teaching our kiddos to learn to do it all...fortunately we did and you are SO RIGHT!! Congrats to ANTHONY for making the team and how awesome that he’s with 2 lifetime buddy’s!! TFS this is so awesome!! Yep take it easy and rest...and see you back here soon!! BIGGY HUGS!! YOU SO ROCK!!

  2. I cannot believe Baby Anthony is in college. I am so proud of you for accepting this is the next step for him in life and for teaching him how to be independent. I'll be calling you when my kids are going away so you can give me the same pep talk. Congrats to him for making the team. I know we will see him do amazing things.

  3. Hugs and kisses from The Netherlands!!! It always hard but remember it is only 2hrs, my sister lives 2hrs away which is sometimes difficult but once I am there it is extra special!!
    And Anthony is happy!

  4. aww...Beautiful family picture! Congrats to Anthony! I'm sure he will do well in college and baseball! Props to you for teaching your kids how to cook and clean! Have a great day! Hugs, Christine

  5. You've had a busy couple of weeks! Congrats to Anthony! It is a big adjustment for all of you to have him out on his own!

  6. Emma, I have three children in college and none of them are close by so I truly know how you feel! Just wait until he tells you he won't be home for this holiday or that one....that's when it really gets hard! Hang in there. They don't stay babies for long! I miss mine every day! :)

  7. Congratulations to Anthony on this new path! I know he'll be a success because he has determination, resilience and persistence, as well as talent and the incredible support of awesome parents. Wonderful that he's in the company of friends he's known for years. Yes, Emma, you will miss him: crafting and plenty of road trips will help you through! And so will we!

  8. I totally get where you're coming from... I have 3 boys and 2 are out on their own - it's heart crushing when they leave and so far away too - my middle son went into the Marines 4 years ago... talk about far away - He finally came home in Oct. only to stay a few weeks before going to college in MS. that's NOT 2 hours away either! UGH! I'm proud of him too, but miss him terribly! Big Hugs going out to you and Congrats to your son for continuing his dreams!!! :)


  9. Awe! He is such a handsome young man. Both boys are! It’s fantastic that he is chasing his dream and didn’t give up when it didn’t work out the first time. So many kids these days do so it’s absolutely wonderful to see him pushing through adversity! Thanks for sharing your family with us as It’s been such a pleasure to see the boys growing up! Congratulations in being such a terrific mom! For being involved, teaching them how to be amazing young men, and for having such a close relationship with them! I have that with my kids and it breaks my heart to my kids friends not have that with their own parents. You definitely deserve mom of the year that’s for sure ;) Hugs!

  10. Thank goodness for facetime...the next best to in person! Hope you can do this instead. Congrats to the ball player!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com


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