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Monday, March 15, 2010

Gypsy 101 Video Tutorial!

I hope everyone is have a Fabulous Monday! It's starting to look & feel like spring~ FINALLY!!!! I have gotten a few emails from "New" Gypsy owners who needed a little help with their new little friend! So I decided to make a video explaining every button on the machine!  Now, I failed to mention one minor detail~ towards the end of Part~1, make sure your gypsy is connected to your cricut before you touch the little cut feature!
Here is Part~2! I hope you enjoy it!
Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog! Have a great day my blogging friends!!


  1. I can't wait to watch these. I don't have a Gypsy yet and don't really understand them. I am trying to figure out how to upload my first YouTube vid to my blog. How did you do it?

  2. Me again... I have done that what you said.

    The image in the "Compose" part is a grey box an says "object" Is that correct? I assume once I hit publish post it will switch to the video image?

  3. Wow Emma! Great videos, you taught me a lot!

  4. Great video on the Gypsy keyboard functions. You're so good at it. Thanks for sharing, and making it easier for us to use it too. I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see what else you're doing.
    My husband was listening when I was watching your first video. He said, "what does she look like, because she's sounds cute." I showed him the video, and he said you matched your voice ... cute! Take care, and thanks again. Lucy

  5. Great video Emma you did a great job on it

  6. Great video Emma. I feel really comfortable with my Gypsy but was so excited when you showed how to unlink the size button (so you could choose the height and width). I did not know that one existed. Woo Hoo! Thanks for sharing something 'new' with me.

  7. EMMA!! These are great! Thanks so much for thinking this up for all of us non-gypsy queens! :) I will have to watch more! I love that you can change the shapes with height and width! :) GREAT JOB!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Hugs and lots of love, Kathy

  8. Thanks Emma, I do use my Gypsy quite a bit but I still watched your videos to see if there where things i didn't know. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to do this for us.

  9. Hiii Emma! :)
    Your videos are very informative!
    And you do a great job at explaining each of the features!
    I unfortunately don't own a Gypsy "yet".
    But one of my friend does, so I am going to forward your blog link to her, so she can watch your videos too. I already told her about it.

    ~ Ayana

  10. These are awesome Emma! I don't have a Gypsy yet, but I'm hoping to get one soon! I still watched them anyway :)

  11. thank you Emma for putting up this video... It really is a BIG help for me.

  12. I am SOOOOO happy. I feel I just found the right place to ask my questions. My husband bought me a Gypsy for Christmas, and I'm totally lost. I don't understand what purpose they serve. I've heard the ads "You can design anywhere", not sure I understand how, or why? Is there an appropriate place for me to post this and possibly get some input/ideas from your followers? They can use my email if needed. I just feel I'm in dire straights right now... do I return it, or keep it? Oh, and I'm an extremely VISUAL person ;)


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