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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Welcome to my VERY 1st VIDEO!! Yes I am full of excitement because this is something I've been wanting to do for quite some time now!! So I hope you enjoy it & this 1st one, I wanted to share my craft room with you so just in case anyone has any organizing questions, I hope this helps some of you out! Also, I have a Fan Page on Facebook now!!! If you join, you can get all updates & hear about any fun stuff 1st before I post it to my blog!!! Feel free to join "My Creative Time Fan Page"  Also, feel free to leave me a comment & let me know what you think! I'm hoping I get a decent grade on my 1st attempt on making a craft related video! lol..... Stay tuned for more fun videos coming up VERY soon! Thanks for visiting & have a GREAT night!


  1. WOW.. Emma! You are so cute and you have more stuff than me.. YOU WIN! Happy to see your video and that your laptop is now working. :)Hugs, Kathy

  2. So when are you coming over to help me with my room? Great video Emma I love it! Can't wait to re-do my room. I wish I can start this weekend instead of waiting until April :(


  3. Thank you for sharng your very first video with us. It was great to see where you craft all your gorgeous creations.

  4. Oh Emma your video was wonderful, it's nice to see you in real life. You could open a ribbon and stamp shop on your own, i have never seen so many stamps. Thanks again, i look forward to seeing video number 2 and tell your dad that he is very clever.
    Linda xx

  5. Great video, Emma! Thanks for sharing your stamp space. You've done an AWESOME job on your room and on the video. I can't wait to see more!


  6. Wow Emma you're so organized...I have stuff everywhere. LOL Congrats on your first video and your facebook. Cant wait for more..

  7. Can I borrow your dad?
    Great space Emma, thank you for sharing it with us!!

    Have a great day!

  8. Great video Emma, can't wait make one day:) I hope your Dad is ready for all the orders he's about to get! Looking forward to more video's and I loved getting lot's of new ideas!

  9. Thank You Thank You Emma I am so happy you are doing videos I just love your work. You have a great ideas I love to still lol I was a daddy's girl your so lucky to have all the things he built for you Thanks Again can't wait for a video.

  10. Your Dad star of the show. Good luck for more video to go. Congrads.

  11. Congrat's and we need more "And" organized and your dad is an awesome builder...btw my husband is going to view your video because he says I have to much but, now your a serious Scrapper...Congrats and best of luck with your future video's can't wait to see more :)

  12. WOW! Those storage shelves you designed and your dad built are AWESOME! I'm looking forward to your Gypsy videos. I got my Gypsy for Christmas and I love it.

  13. Nice crafting room,man you have alot of stuff,do I dare say it!
    You keep your Dad busy, how wonderful he is for making you all these things.
    I can't wait to see more of your videos, you are a doll Emma!

  14. You have no clue how excited I am that you are going to be doing videos!!! You are SOOOOOO talented and I can't wait for more!! YAAAY!! Your dad did an amazing job!!!

  15. Okay, here is what I have to say....

    #1 - Your dad needs his own website! His stuff rocks and he is sooooo talented! I would buy from him!!

    #2 - You have soooo many awesome goodies in your room!!

    #3 - You are soooooo cute and speak nice & clear

    #4 - I love your nails!

    #5 - I love the way you say "button" because I say it the same way!!

    #6 - I cannot wait to see more videos from you!

    #7 - Do I need to go on?? You are soooo amazing!!!

    #8 - Thanks so much for sharing your space with us!!!

    Love ya!!

  16. Great first video. Nice to see the way you organize everything. I did notice you say button the same way The Pink Stamper does - I even said that to my husband who was watching close by. I can't wait to see your projects on video.

  17. Hello Emma ! You did a great job with your first video. I know you are going to rock the rest.
    Can't wait to see what you share with us.
    Also, your designs & your dad are both incredible. Fantastic job!!! He would make a killing if he were to build these & put them online for sale starting with all your crafty friends.
    Again, fantastic job sweetie!
    You're just adorable.
    Continued success.

  18. Emma, I LOVE your room....buttons, buttons, buttons....more buttons, stamps & paper galore! Glad that your puter is working now you can do more video's!!!

  19. Love your room!! Great DAD! Thank you for the video. I am always interested what others have done to their rooms. Gives me ideas.

  20. Is your dad a carpenter?... He does great work! You're so lucky to have him! Nice video. Can't wait to see more! :)

  21. Awesome video! Can't wait to see the next one!! Great job!

    Debbie Chapman

  22. Ok, first...Your room is amazing! I want your Dad to emigrate to England, adopt me and buid all those goodies for MY craft dump, I mean room LOL. Second, I want your autograph 'coz you did an amazing job of your video. You are a star. It's lovely to see you almost IRL and hear your voice. More please!!!
    Big well done hugs, Viv xxx

  23. Hey Emma! Well done!!! I agree with everything Robyn said! Thanks for shating your space with us, your dad is an amazing carpenter! Hmmmmm, my son is a carpenter, Maybe should show him some of your designs!

  24. Congrats on making your first video! it came out great and WOW what a great craft room, I really enjoyed viewing it. Cant wait till your next video, Im having so many problems with using my gypsy so your vids will be so helpful! cant wait! Have a wonderful day and TFS!
    Cheers Gina

  25. Hi Emma! Great job on your very first video! Love your room, and all the goodies in it.
    Can I have your dad cloned? I have sketches of what I want built in my craft room, but I don't have the "dad" to do it, ha, ha. I may end up having to use Closet World to make my work stations.
    I'll be anxiously awaiting your next video. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Hi Emma...keep making videos are good at it. I loved your room. You're so organized and your dad does an awesome job. Have a great evening.

  27. Hi Emma,
    I'm in awe! You are the ribbon guru! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more!

  28. FABULOUS EMMA.....hum I think I might need to borrow your dad...he he he...thanks for sharing...hugs

  29. What a FANTASTIC room, I could live in there!!
    You have soooo much stuff I'm soo jealous lol. I take it you have been building up your collection for a long time.
    What a fab dad you have too, aren't dads just brilliant!!
    Congrats on the fab work you produce, looking forward to lots more.
    TFS, jeanette in northern ireland

  30. Thanks for sharing your room and all your great ideas. Looks like your dad is a keeper, he does nice work..great cabinets. I'm looking forward to your videos and such on Gypsy. I love mine too!

  31. Hi Emma! I just love your crafting space, looks like you have a nice size area. I too a room that I can craft in. When my son moved out, I confiscated his room and made it look like my space instead of his. Your Dad definately helped you out alot with all the creations. My Dad has made a few things for me too,including stamp storage racks.

    I do have a question, the wood mount stamps, you mentioned you had not unmounted them yet. How do you do that and how do you reuse them???

    Anyway, loved your space. Maybe I'll get some new pics of my space and load them on Facebook.

  32. Emma I love your scrapbook room and just added your button to my blog. have agreat day

  33. Emma I love your craft room ! I share your passion for ribbon but i don't know what i've been doing with my time cos your waaaaaaaay ahead of me ! Your Dad sounds like a really handy Guy to have around ! I can't believe you only started doing videos in March ! You are such a professional and so natural . Wishing you continued success have a great day !

  34. Ay yi yi uncle kiki has been very busy!!! Love, love, love your crafting room.... I WANT ONE!!!

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