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Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Card ~ Gypsy Video!!

Wow, what a day this was! I was having issues w/my Fan Page on facebook & thanks to my sweet friends, Rosie w/Stampin Shorty Creations who stayed on the phone w/me for almost 2 hrs trying to fix it & also a HUGE THANK YOU to Tracy w/Craft Junkie Too who actually figured out the problem for me! Thank you SOOO MUCH ladies, I really appreciated it!:) Now, whoever would like to post a photo of their projects on my Fan Page, you CAN!! Now, to celebrate~ I uploaded this video tonight! This video is of a card I had made for one of my good friend's daughter whose turning 3 years old! So I decided to film it for you so if you don't know how to weld shapes together to make a card with your Gypsy, I hope this helps! Also, if you haven't seen my 1st video, which is of my craft room, you can view that HERE!
Have a great night everyone & thanks for visiting my blog!
This is another version of this card. I made another one & added some faux stitching w/my white gel pen!


  1. toooo cute I love the card great video tfs & your very welcome I'm glad that the problem in facebook is now fixed after 2hrs of going crazy lol

  2. Emma, thanks a great video. I have never made a card like that using the Gypsy but now that you have shown me i am going to try it this weekend.
    Thanks again

  3. Hi Emma....taking two blackout features, flipping them and then welding them to make a card is something I would have never thought of. You help me grow creatively. Thanks so much... keep doing what you do. Your videos are soooo good.

  4. Hi Emma, your videos are really good, keep them coming.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    big hugs
    En xx

  5. Emmmaaaaa :D What a great video. You are a GREAT teacher. Tell Kathy (PKS) that I am going to go right ahead and order that face assrtmnt! Wish you nothing but the best!!! Martha

  6. I love your work and I'm soooo excited you decided to do videos. Love it!! Keep up the great work ;)

  7. Cute card! It was cool to see the Gypsy being used upclose.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm still laughing over not "cheapening" your butterfly!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a hussy! LOL super duper cute!


  9. Your so cute, Cute card sweet and simple. I so need to invest in those Peachy Keen Stamps. You know I always wondered if I taped my Gypsy to hard but I noticed you did that too so the screen isn't as sensitive as my kids DS? So we do need to tape alil hard and also to zoom in you did it quite easy I find I have to tap alil more for it to zoom also. Anyways, thanks for the video :)

  10. for your first tutorial video, it was great. I don't have the gypsy, but I learned something new for DS!
    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Ooh, I LOVE that DRESS. Wish I had one just like it for my little girl. The card is PERFECT to go with it. SO SO CUTE! Great job on the video. I'm looking forward to more in the future!

  12. Hello Emma~ this card was simple but so cute. She is going to love it. You did a terrific job with the video.
    Keep them coming, I am sure we will all keep watching.

  13. Emma thank you thank You I love the card but I really love that you used the gypsy I never thought to use the buttons you used Love the videos can't wait to see the next one.


  14. Emma! You are the Gypsy queen!!! (I'm still waiting for your autograph). LOL
    You are SO creative and the Gypsy is putty in your hands. Fabulous stuff my friend!
    Hugs Viv xxx

  15. Good Morning, Emma!! Great video!! I might just take that gypsy out of the box now. I will have to watch this over and over to catch on! Thanks so much for the great plug on PKS! Your card did turn out so super cute!! :)Thanks so much for sharing your CREATIVE TIME with us!
    BIG HUGS and lots of love!

  16. Loved how you made the butterfly card fold. I'll have to give it a try today. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us! Lucy

  17. Emma, your video and card are TERRIFIC!!! Way to go and thank you soooo much for sharing your talent with all of us!!

  18. That butterfly card is soooooo CUTE!!!! but then again all your stuff is!!

    Hugs, Janice

  19. Great job on the video! And by the way, I just bought my first two sets of PK faces after watching your video. One suggestion: Can you list the cartridges you use on the blog post so they're easy to find?

    Have a great day!

  20. Love your videos. You are a great teacher. I just received the Peachy Keen stamps and now I have a great idea from your video.

  21. You are my #1 reason I want a Gypsy!!! Your videos are amazing and I just love how you weld the images to make an adorable card. But till I get my own I will just use my friends ;) which is wonderful she lets me. But I just love your projects Emma!!!


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