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Monday, September 3, 2012

Scrapping the little things ~ Episode 388

GOOD MORNING my creative friends & welcome to our newest segment here on my blog! It's called "Scrapping the little things"~!  This is something my design team & myself will be featuring every other Monday! As you all know, when I returned after being off, I was anxious to come back & just to start ALL OVER AGAIN w/NEW stuff on my blog!  Well, with that said, as you all know, "Project Life" & "Smashbooking" are kinda big right now! I know, I am ALWAYS the last person to start something "trendy"! lol..... We will be showcasing smashbooking/project life projects here every other Monday! I hope we will  inspire YOU to start something different too! 
You can see my very first smashbook pages I did HERE! I REALLY ENJOY "Smashbooking" because there are NO rules & you can make it as casual as you want! The reason why I wanted a smashbook is because I want to record everything in here that is IMPORTANT in my life! It is also fun to put different ideas that you want to remember, future vacations, family gatherings...etc..... I just love it!

For these to pages, I wanted to smash about when my son got his echo-cardiogram which was on the 27th of August! Let's just say that this is the day we got the BEST news that he can go on & start doing anything he wants w/o any limitations!;) As you can see in the picture, he is watching the computer screen as he is getting his echocardiogram! For the background paper, I used some wood grain paper I had in my stash & ran it through my copy machine making a copy of the list of meds that the doctors had sent him home w/in June! I thought it would make a perfect background paper (for what was going on) AND just a reminder that he is DONE w/all of this!:) 

Of course, as soon as we got the good news we all had tears of joy!;)

After we left the doctors that day, of course we spent the day SPOILING my baby since he went through sooo much! I thought it was only fitting!;) 

Supplies I used:

Here is my video showing you how I put this together!

Now onto my FABULOUS design team!:) Don't forget to click on their names to visit their blogs & see more details on their AWESOME projects!

Well, I hope you were inspired here today & I hope you will enjoy this new segment on my blog which will be every OTHER Monday!;)

Thank you sooo much for stopping by & I will see you all back here tomorrow! :) xoxo

I just want to give you a quick update! EVERYTHING came in on Friday, August 31st as scheduled! But, we ran a little behind because I had to take my Mom to the ER on Friday afternoon:(  With eveything that has happened w/my family, I don't take anything lightly! When my Mom told me that she had a sharp pain in back that went to her chest, my sister & I immediately took her to the ER! She landed up staying overnight in the hospital just so they can run lots of tests on her! THANK GOD the doctors said that she pulled a muscle in her chest! This whole situation just scared me because my cousin had these exact symptons & she did nothing about it & she landed up have a severe stroke! This is why I acted immediately & thankfully it was just a muscle pull! I'd rather be safe than sorry~!
We packaged half the stamps & dies just so we can start getting orders out! We were able to get out over 100 orders! We will continue to finish packing up the rest of the stamps & dies today! We still have lots of orders to fill! Please be patient w/us & they will ALL be out before this week is over! For everyone who placed their orders up to the 23rd of August, I included a little something extra in your packages! My Mom & I wanted to do something to show you that we appreciated your patience! Everyone got something different! Again, THANK YOU for your patience & I can't wait for all of you to get your goodies!:)


  1. First off, thank God mom is ok! Hugs! I bought a few smash books when they first came out and didnt quite know how to organzie a scrapbook from them. Thank you for these mondays! I'm inspired! Thanks to you and your DT!

  2. Oh my Emma!! Your family has gone through SOOOO much lately and now your Mom....I am so GLAD that when I continued reading your post it was happy news!!! She is a machine, but she has to slow all do!!!!
    I LOVE your smash pages and this is another awesome addition to your blog! Thanks so much for sharing and have a GREAT Monday!!!

  3. Family 1st!!!! So glad ur mom is good. God is good.

    Can't wait to get your awesome release!

    Be blessed, Beckie

  4. Like you said better safe than sorry. Glad she is ok. Thanks once again for an inspirational idea. Love the layouts and smashbooks.

  5. Emma ~ Oh my how FABULOUS is you Smash pages! I LOVe how random things are but yet look AMAZING! I think it is wonderful you are scrapping this time frame! Thank goodness there was a HAPPY outcome but it reminds ALL of us we CAN make it thru ANYTHING! Aaron will cherish this even more when he gets older! LOVE all the details and how you used the pocket die! Hope Momma Emma is RESTING this weekend! Boy I REALLY need to make that magic wand!!!! Hugs to you ALL!!! The design team did an AMAZING job ~ as always!!!!

  6. these are simply FABULOUS!!!! I'm so glad that momma Emma is doing well, please don't labor to hard today!!! :)

  7. I love this new segment . I just started projectlife .Karen R

  8. Emma, I'm so glad your mom is o.k. You were so right to rush her to the ER. And I'm sure everyone will understand if there stamps are a day or two later in the mail. I am loving your new segment since I am also new to Project Life and Smash Book. Your did a great job.


  9. I love your Smash book pages, such a wonderful way to memorialize the events of your life! I can't believe all of the stuff your family has been through in the past year, unfortunately last year was like that for my family. I'm so glad your mom is well and it wasn't anything serious! Enjoy Labor Day with your family!

  10. Oh Emma your family has been through so much, I'm so happy to hear that your mom's pain was not serious.
    Your pages are just fantastic and the DT did an AMAZING job!
    Enjoy the day!

  11. First of all, I am sorry your mom pulled a muscle but grateful it was nothing more major. How scary. I love smashbooks. I have purchased several. Now if I would use them it would be great!! I love that your book begins with a happy ending! Can only go up from there! Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend and thank you for your continued creativity.

  12. I am so happy that there was nothing serious with your mom Emma! I'd rather be safe than sorry too, so I'm glad that you and your sister took this seriously. Tell your mom to please take it easy and that we would rather her be ok first and then she can deal with orders. Now your smashbook pages are awesome Emma and I'm so glad that you have been getting many happy endings! Thanks for all you do! Hugs!

  13. I really should try a smashbook. There are so many important things to record and keep track of in life. Thanks for starting this new project every other Monday. I'm hoping it will help me keep track of the little important things better. Everyone did such a BEAUTIFUL job! Hugs- Glora

  14. Awesome Creations. So Glad your mom is Better. Better safe than sorry.

  15. So glad to hear that your mom is doing well! Family comes first, so no worries about anything else! Wow! I love how your Smashbook looks. I totally need to invest in some of the products for them. Oh and I am sooo glad Aaron is doing much better...and yes, he totally deserved to get spoiled! Great job from the DT!

  16. You did a FANTASTIC job with your Smash book pages Emma!It looks AWESOME with all the great details and pics,all the DT did a BEAUTIFUL job too!!!:)

  17. I love this new feature Miss Emma!! I have invested in so much project life and smash book stuff I need to use it! Its still in my shopping bag and boxes from Amazon untouched lol!! I am VERY happy that your son is doing better! I am glad you and your sis took your mom to the ER too. Family is so important!

    Kim :)

  18. Wow, Emma, you guys have sure been through a lot. But so glad to hear your mother was okay. Can never take heart symptoms to lightly. Wishing you and your family the best! Take care.

  19. OMG you & yours sure have been through allot and sure am glad that it was a pulled muscle for your mom....and that's bad enuf. You definitely did the right thing tho. I love your mini book your scrapbooking in amazing. I am a scrapper and love seeing what you do very much. I do love your specialized segments you are learning allot while having fun. Keep coming up with all your great ideas. I am looking forward to getting my stamps the wait is definitely worth it.

  20. Hi Emma!
    I'm so glad that everything turned out fine with your mom :) ... Life is so precious that it's always better to react quickly!
    Love your new "Scrapping the Little Things" ... Your Smashbook page is so ADORABLE! I purchased a Smashbook a while ago and like you mentioned, it is still my closet (hee hee)! You have inspired me to take it out and start "Scrapping the Little Things" ...thank you! Have a wonderful week! :)


  21. Love your smashbook Emma. I am so glad your mom is ok. Thank God. Like you said, rather to be safe than sorry. I think she is working too hard ;)Thank you to her and to you for all you do.

  22. So glad you have good news about Baby Aaron! Quite a scare with your Mom but glad it was not more serious and she will be fine! Everyone did such a wonderful job on their pages. The stamps and dies are perfect for this.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com


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