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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

MCT "Whatever Wednesday!"

GOOD MORNING my sweet friends & welcome back to another "Whatever Wednesday!"

I do not have a project for you today because my son injured himself yesterday :(  He is okay, THANK GOD,  he pulled his back at his workout.  This is the first time this has happened to Anthony & he didn't realize how painful it was.  So I offered to take him to the ER & I was SHOCKED that he said YES! 
So I had to help him get into my truck & it was rough because at this point, he could barely move.  When we finally made it to the ER, we were walking in & it was PACKED!  I mean the waiting room was so full that there were people sitting on the floors AND waiting outside! As soon as Anthony saw that, he said "there is NO WAY I am waiting for hours to be seen!" So I told him,  let's just leave & I assured him that I would fix him! ;)  On our way back home, I stopped off at Walgreens & picked him up an "Electrotherapy Tens Unit".  So I basically gave him Motrin, which the ER probably would've done the SAME, but the BONUS part was that he got to use this machine that actually made him feel a little bit more comfortable!  He was actually smiling after the therapy was done because the pain had subsided a little!  Anthony told me, "you were right, you did fix me!"  Now I think I can add 
"Therapist" to my resume TOO!!!! lol.....  :)

I will be back tomorrow with a project! :) 

Like ALWAYS, my team NEVER disappoints!  Click on Miss Emily's name to see what she used to put together this ADORABLE little Thanksgiving treat! :) 

I hope Miss Emily inspired you all here today!  Thank you all so very much for stopping by, have a FABULOUS day & I will see you all back here soon! :) 


  1. Glad Anthony is alright, Miss Emma! Sometimes you just wish you could put your kids in a bubble so nothing ever can happen to them :( but now you have a fuller resume! hehe

  2. Good Morning Miss Emma.....Golly Gosh so sorry to hear About Anthony and his injured back....but Girl you are Hilarious....YEP MOMMY knows done did good...I mean GREAT I too am GLAD that Anthony felt so much better after your Therapy session.....Nothing worse than having your kiddo or kiddos not feeling well or yep another degree added to your resume.....You are too funny!! GREAT JOB KIDDO and sure hope Anthony keeps feeling better and better!!! HERE's to a restful day...just keep the Kuppa's Kuppa's a comin'. YOU so ROCK!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Poor Anthony! He is so correct in how painful that is, glad you got him a tens unit as they do help tremendously! He would have been in so much more pain if you all would have waited at the ER and it
    more than likely would have flared up even more. Good thinking momma ;) I hope he is feeling better today!

  4. there is not much better than a good tens unit!!!! I have 2 because HSN was selling two as a set from Tony Little and they are really great for pain!!! in siatic nerve for back!!!

  5. Wow! Poor Anthony...glad he is doing better and hope he is good as new soon! Cute treat box using the faces on the leaves. Emily did a great job.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  6. Ms Linda ( 13, 2017 at 3:53 PM

    Prro Anthony....pray he feels better soon. Great physical therapist Mom.


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