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Friday, April 17, 2020

MCT "DIY Dish Washing Soap"

***Just a HEAD'S UP, this is NOT a crafty post.  If you don't care for DIY stuff you are more than welcome to skip this post.***

GOOD MORNING my sweet friends & welcome to my 3rd DIY post! If you missed my first 2 DIY posts, you can see them HERE & HERE!

I thought since we are all quarantined, maybe this will help some of you out there.  I've been making my own cleaning products, body, face & spa  products for around 4 years now so I thought I would share with you!  Since we are home 24/7, we can run out of products FAST.  For me, it's dishwashing soap because we do not have a dishwashing machine. "WE" are the dish washers in my house! :)  But we do have one rule in my house, we all wash our own dish & utensil that we use.  Usually at the end of each meal, any one of my boys OR my hubby washes any other stragglers, or pots & pans that are left over.  I am GRATEFUL that they help me and never have to ask them to either.  :)

I am sharing you a recipe that I found in my "Naturally Clean Home" book & I've been making this for 4 years now & I LOVE it!  

Here is the recipe:
~ 22 oz Soap Dispenser
~ Fill with Castile Soap
~ 20 Drops of Lime Oil
~ 10 Drops of Sweet Orange Oil
~ 5 Drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract Oil

Here is my video for you showing how easy this is to make!  Now, of course you don't have to use the EXACT brand of  items I used, I just linked the items I used here for you just in case you wanted to know.  The ONLY item you might want to get that I have linked here is the Soap because I don't think another one will work as good.  As for the Grape Fruit oil, if you get another brand, just make sure it says "seed liquid extract" on it!  Also, these items may seem like a lot, but they will last you for quite some time! ;)

***Watch the video to the end because I also share a quick tip for you.***



I truly love created LOTS of things & I am happy to share them with all of you!  Hopefully you were inspired here today!  Thanks so much for stopping by, have a FABULOUS day & I will see you all back here soon! :) xoxo


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  2. Thanks for sharing and showing how you make your soap and what you put it in...great idea.
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  3. GOOD MORNING Miss Emma. You are so clever and creative and what you shared is spectacular you truly never cease to amaze with your talents and truly how you do make most everything you use from scratch...I actually am in awe over what you do and the way you do it....
    I do believe you need a 48 hour day! No wonder you are so happy cause you know what they say busy people are happy people !! ‘Nuf said!! YOU SO ROCK!!!!!!!!

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